here at east coast power wash we can totally revitise and revive your decking whether its timber or pvc

we can pressure wash your existing decking to remove any unsightly moss or algae that grows on it and not only spoils its appearance but can make it slippery which of course is dangerous.

we have the latest in pressure washing equipment from surface cleaners to rotary cleaners to ensure your decking can be complety pressure washed from boards and posts to top of the newels and hand rails without damaging the wood or pvc,also because of our different set ups we have location is never a problem

with the pvc we can also remove minor staing with our selected cleaning products

with your wooden decking we offer a range of after clean treatments to totally revive the woods natural colour and also protect. our products have been specially blended to ensure top quality protection and finish is all ways acheived

from oils and waxs to stains east coast power wash has it all

so give us a call